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Dental prosthesis in Spain

Benefit from high-quality care performed with cutting-edge technology: computer-assisted implant prosthesis placement.

Why a dental prosthesis ?

Regain the aesthetics of your smile with dental prostheses. Implant-supported prostheses can be performed to replace one or several teeth, a group of teeth, or a complete mouth.

Thanks to cutting-edge computer-assisted technology, you will quickly regain good chewing function and the aesthetics of your mouth. Also, you will prevent the movement of other teeth and digestive disorders.

From its design to its placement, a dental prosthesis on an implant is the result of the work of highly skilled professionals. All prostheses are made in France, in Perpignan, by a French technician with whom the dentists CARDOSO, DUBIE, and PORRA have been collaborating for over 25 years.

Clinic Europeu offers competitive rates: dental prosthetics at low prices, 30 to 40% cheaper compared to the average rates in France. A social security sheet for services provided abroad will be given to the patient at the end of the service (identical reimbursement to services provided in France).

Depending on the characteristics of your mouth, dentists CARDOSO, DUBIE, and PORRA will assess the number of implants to be placed and the services to be scheduled.

You will never leave the clinic without your teeth thanks to our same-day dental implants with prostheses/bridges.

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